Beauty Attached To Punjabi Bride Wedding Ensemble

Posted on 27 Aug 2018      Admin

Brides are born to dress well on their wedding day as the wedding attire does not come with easy and also it is not everyone who gets the opportunity to be a Punjabi bride. If we talk about the wedding ceremony then one can feel the glamour attached to it. One can see the extravagant ceremony which is not only confined to the Gurudwara Sahib but takes place after in the form of an event at the choicest of resorts. The blessed couples who look handsome and beautiful on the wedding day respectively makes the attire look even good with their beauty attached to the entire ensemble which they carry with aplomb.

If one talks about the various wedding dress which the bride carries then it is the most traditional attire of salwar kameez or lehenga with duppatta which is one of the most important aspect to hide the head as it has its own significance esp. during wedding ceremony. Also, with the benign presence of Guru Granth Sahib Ji in the Gurudwara Sahib it is necessary to keep a duppatta for the choicest of the blessings. Now, if one talks about the various other aspect then jewelry carries the most important part of the wedding ceremony.

The jewelry which the bride carries during wedding ceremony is not only heavy and ornamental is often made of Gold. The ornaments are a part of the attire which the bride keeps to dress herself up on special occasions and it is also a kind of family traditions. Apart from the chura the bangle which are kept from many years and is shown only during special occasions or one can say that the family traditional kangan adds elegance to the bride.

Tikka or Nath is one of the essential part of the wedding and the bride keeps it her duty to wae it. With, the person who is his groom and keeps Sindur or vermilion then the lady keeps the mangtikka over the forehead which also has a religious significance. If one talks about the ornamental ring then one has to understand that it can be also a nose ring or nath which is very much necessary to wear it during the wedding.

The last but not the least is the Kalerre which is wear in the bangles or choora and is part of the pre-wedding rituals which gives the ceremony a complete meaning. The bride has all the right to get her dressing sense very immaculate and also according to the recent style and tradition.

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