Punjabi Wedding Mangni A Fun Filled Ceremony

Posted on 20 June 2018      Admin

One of the most crucial and fun-loving interesting pre-wedding rituals brings excitement and joy to everyone on this mesmerizing event. Punjabi culture is rich and opulent thus, their wedding celebrations are also royal and stunning. When it comes to mangni (Sagai) Punjabi future bride and groom gets happy and excited to commence matrimonial ceremonies for tying the nuptial knot soon. It is a pre-wedding matrimonial occasion takes place a couple of weeks or months before an actual marriage. Mangni (Engagement) ceremony is an official announcement of marriage alliance of Punjabi cute couple. Engagement rings are exchanged between brides and groom to give a nice and quick start to the big day.

Punjabi bride and groom get ready by wearing royal ethnic wear to look enough good and smart on this pretty occasion. Generally, a bride prefers a heavy costume lehenga, gown or floral printed palazzo to look comfortable and stylish. However, groom’s choice is sherwani or delicate, vibrant hues of a blue blazer to get look smart and handsome.

Mangni is a traditional affair where all family members, relatives and close friends are invited to get together or participate in such a royal occasion. It is performed at the groom’s home where bride’s family brings traditional sweets, gifts, wrapped dry fruits and tikka a major traditional accessory with vermilion to perform mangni ritual with full of customs practices. A bride’s family brings traditional required material such as a silver tray with a few bowls of cereal of rice and a silver bowl including saffron, 14 chuharey wrapped in a silver foil and a coconut in a golden leaf.

At the beginning of tikka custom, a bridegroom’s sister puts a long scarf draped around his neck. The bride’s family carries a lot of things such as traditional sweets with dry fruits and gifts to bless him with cheerful blessings. During this, the bride’s father also moves forward to apply tikka on his forehead and blesses him for happy and prosperous life. After this offers sweets, https://www.punjabiwedding.com dry fruits and an expensive good quality gold Kara and money as a token of love.

It is an exchange offer the same thing applies to the groom’s family as they carry a basket of dry fruits, including nuts, currant, almonds and coconut etc. https://www.muslimwedding.com Punjabi future bride receives gold jewelry, attire and some rupees as a shagun where a mother-in-law paste a little simple mehendi design to consider a good luck and prosperity of her home. This is a legal acceptance by both sides or happily gets them engaged in a marriage relationship.

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