Telugu Wedding Make Your Big Day Vibrant Dream Fulfill Forever

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Telugu wedding is a vivid ceremony brings a lot of celebrations about its varying custom and rituals for the big day. Telugu is the staple language of various states Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and others. A wedding is an exclusive special day that is celebrated for the newlywed couple. Telugu matrimony ceremony custom and traditions are quite similar to the Hindu marriage. This amazing Telugu matrimony performs traditional music on the special day. Telugu culture gives utmost importance to women for participating in any auspicious ceremonies. Telugu bride is known as better half (Ardhaangini) of her husband or life partner. Telugu marriage is considered as the holy union not only social affair of the Telugu bride and grooms. A marriage ceremony is performed under the Kaḷyaṇa Maṇḍapaṃ decorated with colorful floral garlands for matchmaking couple.

Telugu Wedding costume
Wedding day is extremely surprised fills colorful joys in a couple’s life towards their best life journey. Telugu bride chooses auspicious red color traditional sareee with ornamented custom jewelry. She also wears bridal fresh flower gajra. And Telugu groom choice to wear traditional Dhoti and shirt, custom gold chain and rings.

Telugu Wedding Custom and Rituals
Telugu wedding is closely connected to their cultural and religious beliefs towards their wedding ceremonies. Wedding custom and religious expand over a week to perform each ceremony step by step. Telugu matrimonial custom and sacraments are utmost necessary to follow their ancient cultural practices on this day.
Therefore, these are the predominant custom formalities take place from the very first on fixing wedding date.

Muhurtam: Muhurtam ceremony is held to fix an auspicious wedding date and time to the holy union of the matchmaking couple. Family members are assembled to participate as this is significant day and Telugu community is not the favor of the wedding even if it occurs in the month of Aashad, Bhadrapad and Shunya.

Snathakam: In this ritual only groom participates as he wears an auspicious silver thread this signifies groom is mature to understand the value and obligations of the marriage.

Aarti: After holy bath soon Aarti or even puja ceremony is performed of the goddess Gauri where all family members participate with groom and bride separately to seek blessings and good luck to the couple.

Terasalla: It is very interesting and joyous ceremony begins with bride seat in bamboo basket with rice. Rice is mostly put in all ceremonies. Her maternal uncle fulfils responsibility by carrying the bride to the mandap. These further matrimonial ceremonies go through like Kanyadaan, Jeelakarra-Bellamu, Jyotulu, Sumangali and Saptapadi etc to make it over.

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